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'AmrutYatra' has been conceived with the idea to introduce you, through tourism, the numerous individuals and organizations that are writing extraordinary chapters in India's history. The core idea is to give you a differentiating travel experience which could compel you to actually embark on an inward journey, leading to strengthening the foundations of a cultured and aware community.

The destinations that we select for your travel experience may not necessarily be exotic locations. However, they will definitely leave you and your loved ones awe-inspired and enriched for an entire lifetime. While, visiting such locations could be a life changing experience for adults, a travel programme of this measure could become a stepping stone to the brighter tomorrow for your children.

Once again, welcome to AmrutYatra!
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Anil Kale, Founder of AmrutYatra
AmrutYatra is his brainchild; born after he retired from long years of service in a public sector undertaking!

He co-founded it with his son Navin, in the days when retired people largely plan the optimum utilization of their PF money. 

Navin Kale, Co-founder of AmrutYatra
Navin is the co-founder of AmrutYatra, a venture that takes people on a journey away from their homes but closer to themselves; a journey of insight!

He has a natural flair for penning instincts, intuitions and feelings...things that are conveniently left between the lines. He left his cushy job in a reputed company to explore social tourism, a relatively 'untravelled path', but one with far more 'milestones!

He believes that the abundantly prevalent negativity around us is actually a blindfold that obstructs the finer positive points of our society. His inspiration for co-founding AmrutYatra is his thought that 'progressive tourism is one of the best ways to regain our self esteem as a nation.

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"Visiting Khandwa on Kishore Kumar’s birth anniversary was on my bucket list, its accomplished today. So many things planned for a day, simply amazing!!"

Ravi Patil - Thane.
Software Professional.
Kishore Kumar Trip - Khandwa.

"It was my dream to visit Khandwa and its come true. I was amazed by the way the event was arranged. Thank you AmrutYatra."

Dattatray Kulkarni - Thane.
Software Professional.
Kishore Kumar Trip - Khandwa.

"This was my first trip with AmrutYatra. Being a fan of Kishore Kumar, it was a wonderful experience at his birthplace. Trip was very well organized. "

Suchitra Sohoni - Chennai.
Kishore Kumar Trip - Khandwa.

"This trip was total madness and we thoroughly enjoyed it."

Rookhi Bhave - Mumbai.
Kishore Kumar Trip - Khandwa.

"I wish this Yatra keeps happening."

Harshal Trivedi - Mumbai.
Kishore Kumar Trip- Khandwa.

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What is 'Swayam' ?

There comes in life a moment where meeting people, who have evolved from being ordinary to exemplary, transforms the lacklustre to lustrous!

Swayam is an initiative that seeks this transformation.

Swayam is not just another talk series. Its format and presentation are what make this concept unique. Each speaker has a time limit of 20-25 minutes to present his/her subject with multimedia support. This is followed by a Q & A session with a panel of experts.

Swayam's speciality lies in the effective presentation of inspirational and advanced thoughts on varied subjects like entrepreneurship, science & technology, agriculture, environment, sports, society & culture, education, politics and so on.

'Swayam' is the journey of enlightenment wherein people follow their own simple-yet-complex map of introspection, guided by the speaker! This is life's pivotal 'treasure hunt' and like-minded 'hunters' are bound to join in!

The issues addressed from this platform are always current and futuristic. This program is strongly supported by an intellectual and a well-versed audience including several students. Our object is to create a knowledgeable and progressive society by listening to and interacting with the speakers.

Constructive ideas should reach beyond all boundaries and therefore all speeches delivered in this program are available on and also on DVD.

Visit Swayam's website